Genesis All-in-One

Access Control Station

Including temperature check and hand sanitisation, Genesis AIO has many functions to help prevent the transmission of viral and bacterial infections. This multi-functional solution enables face mask detection, full track & trace, contactless hand sanitisation, occupancy monitor and abnormal temperature detection.

Why Genesis AIO?

  • Face mask detection with audio & visual warning
  • Contactless hand sanitisation
  • Staff ID and visitor pre-registration if required
  • FULL Track & Trace capability
  • Thermal temperature scanner - abnormal temperature warning
  • Audio & visual warnings - customisable plus email warning
  • Occupancy monitor - Entry machine and exit machine/s required
  • Staff cost savings
  • Contemporary records with photos and downloadable CSV files-due care & diligence
  • Visitor data auto delete - default 21 days
  • Android technology - software integration (e.g. Attendance/time-keeping)

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